Anti-Fatigue Mat Innovators,Kleen-Tex, Proudly Announce ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ For Founder Ralph W. Howard Jr

January 30, 2017 – Atlanta, GA – Over the decades, Kleen-Tex has received numerous awards for their advancements in affordable flooring safety enhancements, such as their anti-fatigue mats and flow through mats.  Today, they are happy to announce one of their proudest accomplishments yet:  A Lifetime Achievement Award for co-founder Ralph W. Howard Jr, from TRSA.

For over a century, TRSA has represented companies supplying textiles, mats, towels, and other products necessary for ensuring safe hygienic conditions for workers in industries ranging from laundromats to manufacturing facilities. Their Lifetime Achievement Awardis the highest honor bestowed upon an industry professional. The award recognizes exceptional personal service tothose who have stood out within this industry, with decades of service and quality work-enhancing products.

Ralph Howard was honored specifically for his advances in the field of safety mats. Kleen-Tex was the first manufacturer of rubber-backed mats that were both slip-resistant and fully machine-washable, revolutionizing this area of worker safety. Mr. Howard has also been a long-time supporter of TRSA, attending trade shows and working as a government advocate on the organization’s behalf.

This Lifetime Achievement Role again highlights the pivotal role Mr. Howard and his company have played in the evolution of workplace safety mats. Recent innovations, such as anti-microbial flow through mats, have only further enhanced the reputation of Kleen-Tex as the world’s leading producer of safety mats.

Kleen-Tex salutes Ralph W. Howard, and is dedicated to carrying on his tradition of superior innovative products. Contact Kleen-Tex directly for further information.

About Kleen-Tex Industries, Inc

Kleen-Tex was founded in 1967 by the father/son team of Ralph W. Howard Sr and Jr, specifically to introduce new innovations in anti-fatigue mats, flow through mats, and other flooring solutions for a wide variety of industries.  Today, the business remains family-owned and controlled, helmed by grandson Bruce Howard, and continues to expand.  Kleen-Tex now has manufacturing and sales facilities on five continents, serving a worldwide market of businesses looking to increase workforce safety within their facilities.

For more information or press inquiries, please visit or contact the home office at 844-991-5511.

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